MetaSoccer- The First Football Game Of The Metaverse

    MetaSoccer: Day to day, with increase in the advancement of technology in the Physical world, giving see that everything is transforming to digital mode.

    We can create our own dream land in the MetaVerse, have an almost real experience of seeing someone living in a different continent, we can buy land, sell properties and much more, get things home turn digital assets into physical ones and much more.

    Till date, we have played several sports with friends, families and even online but everything in a physical world. But can the growth of technology bring the sports in the digital platform?

    So, with the introduction of MetaVerse, blockchains and cryptos etc. here is another entrance of sports into the digital world named MetaSoccer– created to play football in a MetaVerse on the blockchain which would also help the users to earn. Today, in this article we will learn about a very new and popular project which has introduced sports (football) into MetaVerse. The major reason of MetaSoccer is to connect the real world football to the blockchain. Let’s get started.

    What do you mean by MetaSoccer?

    MetaSoccer is a virtually played football game which is based on the blockchain of Binance (BSC). The game is aimed at the strategy of play to earn in which the users can play matches, bet on other players or teams and can even sell their teams or players to earn profits. It follows the model of “Play to Earn” which is very similar to other MetaVerse games like Gala, Genopets, etc.

    MetaSoccer is the combination of cryptocurrencies, blockchains and NFTs and video games all at the same platform. The users of MetaSoccer can purchase the NFTs of players or can even create their own Avatars in the game. All the players of the match or the tournaments are paid individual MetaSoccer tokens $MSU.
    With growth in technology, MetaVerse made it easier for the football fans to be accessible to play football even while sitting at home with no physical equipments. There are different positions available in the game for every individual player to choose such like striker, midfielder, defender, goalkeeper, et cetera.

    Benefits from MetaSoccer:

    Any project without audience is nothing but a plan without action. The audience has the power to embrace the project to great heights or to decline its growth. MetaSoccer provides its users/audience an environment of total benefits- organisational as well as personal.

    Following are the benefits provided to the users:

    Earnings: It provides the chance of earning a wholesome amount of money by showcasing your gameplay.
    Ownership of assets: MetaSoccer offers the game assets, NFTs of players on the digital platform to the users.
    Exchange: all the assets of MetaSoccer are easily accessible to exchange for profit motive.
    Open Source: Anybody around the globe can see the work or progress of the project as the game is an open source.

    Roles in MetaSoccer:

    In the game, the age of every new player will be between 25 to 30 years and the lifespan till when he can play will last 65 years. MetaSoccer works ethically according to which if you enter as a player you first need to join the youth scout to get a mentorship which will last for 5 real days. After the mentorship period gets over, the player can choose any of the role as listed below:

    • Forward player
    • Midfield player
    • Goalkeeper
    • Defender
    • Central Back
    • Right Forward
    • Left Forward
    • Right-Wing
    • Left-Wing

    Unique Techniques and Skills:

    As a football player in the digital world, specific actions like ageing, learning, performing may enhance the techniques of each individual. Some of the unique and exceptional abilities that a user can have are:

    • Dribbling
    • Penalty shooting
    • Defending
    • Kicker goalkeeping
    • Ball control
    • Unusual footwork


    What are the MetaSoccer coins/tokens?

    There are eventually two native tokens of the MetaSoccer environment- $MSU and $MSC which can be used for selling or purchasing any of the digital asset of the game.

    $MSU stands for MetaSoccer Universe, which is the main native token of MetaSoccer. It is used for the ongoing game actions such as purchase of players, purchase of NFTs of players, teams etc. It can also be used for the voting system as it is a government coin.
    However, MSC stands for MetaSoccer Cash which is only utilised for the in-game purchases such as renting of players, holding matches, increase in the level of players etc.

    How to earn the MetaSoccer coins?

    While playing the game, MetaSoccer provides the incentives to the players who master the matches to earn the $MSE and $MSU coins. The coins are shown on the crypto wallet of the particular user that they have accessed in their IDs. Following are some of the ways to earn the MetaSoccer coins:

    • Selling Players
    • Renting players/stadiums/teams
    • Selling tickets of the matches
    • Sticking on the team/players
    • Financing the advertisements
    • Winning matches


    Q- Is MetaSoccer the first Metaverse where you can play soccer?
    A- MetaSoccer is the first soccer metaverse where you can manage your own club, find and train new players, play matches in your own NFT stadium and generate income while playing.

    Q- How to play MetaSoccer?
    A- To start playing MetaSoccer you’ll need to create a MetaMask wallet and get some MATIC — the place where your tokens and assets will be stored. It is a browser extension that allows you to interact with MetaSoccer’s ecosystem.

    Q- What is soccerverse?
    A- Soccerverse is a massively multilayer online soccer management game that takes place in one persistent game world were matches are played autonomously and unstoppable twice a week. Play in the Soccerverse how you want to – whether that be as a manager, an agent, a scout or a shareholder.

    Q- What are 3 games in the metaverse?
    A- The top Metaverse games include Decentraland, Axie Infinity, Sandbox, Battle Infinity, and more. Decentraland allows players to create their own content and experiences, while Axie Infinity is a game that rewards players with its native token for completing tasks.

    Q- What is the oldest metaverse game?
    A- The 2003 virtual world platform Second Life is often described as the first metaverse, as it incorporated many aspects of social media into a persistent three-dimensional world with the user represented as an avatar, but historical claims of metaverse development started soon after the term was coined.

    Q- How to buy Meta soccer?
    A- Go to CoinMarketCap and search for MetaSoccer. Tap on the button labeled “Market” near the price chart. In this view, you will see a complete list of places you can purchase MetaSoccer as well as the currencies you can use to obtain it.

    Q- Where to buy MetaSoccer coin?
    A- If you would like to know where to buy MetaSoccer at the current rate, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in MetaSoccer stock are currently, and Hotbit.

    Q- Which country is the first in the metaverse?
    A- Tuvalu. As a result of rising sea levels, the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu is turning to the metaverse to become the world’s first digital country.

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